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PUTinCoin – NODE WALLETS now with QR-Code functionality!

The PUTinCoin Staking node wallets for Windows & Linux have been upgraded by a useful feature: QR-Code display!

PUTinCoin listed on FameEX!!

A new exchange partner has arised! And this time, it is a partner with more than 100M USD daily trading volume!! We are happy to announce FameEX!! 🙂

SouthXchange is closing!

One of the long-term partners of PUTinCoin – SouthXchange – is leaving business, which caused PUTinCoin price to drop. But new exchange already on the way!


The updated PUTinCoin Staking node wallets for Windows & Linux are now ready for download!

MIDJOURNEYS PUTiNZ NFT collection + PUTinCoin airdrop + VIDEO!!

An NFT designer team has launched an outstanding collection of neuronal art studies of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, called PUTiNZ and has been so excited about the PUTinCoin project, that it contacted us and asked for a cooperation.


The long waiting has finally paid off!! The PUTinCoin MOBILE WALLET has been finally released today! Just click the link, download and take your valuable PUTinCoins with you, wherever you go!

Fan creates outstanding video about PUTinCoin

Bilal Jutt is an online blogger and mindsetter, who runs an own YouTube – Channel. He now made a Video about PUTinCoin, showing all important info about the coin. That’s all because he likes PUTinCoin so much, he said! And we say: “Thank you, Bilal!” – This is another outstanding proof that PUTinCoin is moving the people. 🙂

XEGGEX lists PUTinCoin

PUTinCoin has reached another exchange: XEGGEX!! The exchange now offers 2 trading pairs, PUT/BTC and PUT/USDT. And there are several other goodies on XEGGEX like no requirement for KYC, fast wallets and transactions, liquidity pools, a really nice dashboard to work with and an own token, the XGX, which offers you 25% dicount on exchange fees!

!!SCAM – WARNING!! – FOLGORY exchange has STOLEN crypto assets – LEGAL ACTIONS PREPARED!!

!!!SCAM – WARNING!! – FOLGORY exchange has STOLEN crypto assets by simply blocking accounts, deleting user wallets and delisting PUTinCoin (although we paid them listing fee), just because a lot of PUTinCoin owners were justifiably complaining about not getting paid out their coin withdrawals of any kind of coins by several support tickets!

PUTinCoin requests CoinMarketCap to register [email protected] to manage PUTinCoin’s self-reporting dashboard on CMC!

In order to manage the public information of PUTinCoin, we request them hereby register our admin-email “[email protected]” to manage PUTinCoin’s self-reporting dashboard on CoinMarketCap.

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