PUTinCoin – NODE WALLETS now with QR-Code functionality!

PUTinCoin Staking node wallets for Windows & Linux have been expanded by the useful QR-code feature and are ready for download. Now you can also display the QR-code of your receiving and addressbook PUT public addresses. And you even can encode amount and transfer subject!

** Just download and replace the old executables! That’s it! **

PS: Before you replace, you, of course, must completely shut down the existing wallet, if it is running.

Just select the address of which you want to display the QR-code, right click to open pop-up menu and then click ``Show QR Code`` or just click the button ``Show QR Code`` at the bottom line!

When the QR window opens, it automatically shows the respective PUT address as QR-code. But you can also code the PUT amount and the subject for a transaction into the QR. Just check ``Request Payment`` and enter the respective data!

Have fun and make a lot of PUTs with your new PUTinCoin Staking NODES!!
Your PUTinCoin – Admin team

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