XEGGEX lists PUTinCoin

We are proud to announce a new exchang partner for PUTinCoin: XEGGEX!!

XEGGEX (https://xeggex.com) now provides 2 trading pairs for PUTinCoin: PUT/BTC and PUT/USDT.
The listing of PUTinCoin on XEGGEX crypto exhange has been finished and the exchange announced the new listing to their big traders community.
PUT/BTC Pair: https://xeggex.com/market/PUT_BTC
PUT/USDT Pair: https://xeggex.com/market/PUT_USDT
XEGGEX, like SouthXchange, respects the privacy of all its users and doesn’t require a KYC. It offers an own token, the XGX token, and if you pay your trading fees in XGX, you will get a 25% discount on all your fees. Also there are liquidity pools on XEGGEX and it has a nice dashboard and trading surface, which will give you a real lot of fun when trading.
Go there and check it out! The first will get PUTinCoins at a very favourable price there!
We wish you a lot of fun with our new exchange partner XEGGEX!
Best wishes,
The PUTinCoin – Team!
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