!!SCAM – WARNING!! – FOLGORY exchange has STOLEN crypto assets – LEGAL ACTIONS PREPARED!!

Dear PUTinCoin owners and fans!

We are sorry to announce, that FOLGORY exchange faked to be a reliable partner and proved to be a SCAM EXCHANGE, stealing crypto assets from their users, not responding to user support tickets and blocking/freezing accounts and assets of users, who complained about this fact.

We have paid an expensive listing fee for PUTinCoin being listed as main pair on FOLGORY, and as a paying partner, we expected professionalism but it seems, that we and all other PUTinCoin users have been disappointed by FOLGORY! We are really upset on that and you can be sure, that we will take every possible action to get our funds back!
Today, when we heavily demanded from FOLGORY to solve and answer the ticket requets of us and all the PUTinCoin owners, they simply suspended our support ticket account and delisted PUTinCoin, claiming, that official authorities have demanded them to do so! THAT’S A MERE LIE!!, because we contacted the “official” authorities, which FOLGORY refers to (Bank of England) and they confirmed, that the info provided by FOLGORY is a fake!! If you want to get the details of this fake information, pls. write to
We have also searched the web and found PROOF that FOLGORY is SCAM. Just read this posting on the renowned forum BITCOINTALK:
We also will INFORM COINMARKETCAP to delist FOLGORY, as it is SCAM!! Therefore comments are allowed to this post, so that anybody, who also has suffered reasonable loss because of FOLGORY SCAM, can write this in this post!
We are preparing LEGAL ACTION against FOLGORY and are asking everybody, whose coins (no matter if PUT, BTC, ETH, or other assets) have also been STOLEN by FOLGORY and/or whose accounts have been unfairly suspendet to contact us at
We are very sorry, that we didn’t earlier recognize that FOLGORY is A SCAM, but we are always believing in the seriousness of our partners first, and sometimes, we get disappointed, as in this case. 🙁  But we will learn from this and be really, really careful in selecting our partners in the future.
Again: Allowing comments to this post will hopefully help to let everybody (even COINMARKETCAP – of which we were, for all good crypto traders sake, requesting to DELIST FOLGORY exchange) know, that we are not the only ones, who got robbed by FOLGORY! All people shall see and nobody shall be damaged by FOLGORY anymore! PLEASE, everybody, who suffered loss from FOLGORY, ! leave a comment ! so that COINMARKETCAP has got the proof, that we all speak the truth!
Your PUTinCoin – Admin team


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    17. March 2022

    Hello PUTinCoin team!

    Folgory just removed the PUTinCoin wallet from my account and by this has stolen more than 15 million PUTinCoin!

    I also requested a payout more than a week ago and did not receive anyhting!

    THEY ARE THIEVES!! Where can I join your legal actions?

    Best regards,

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    17. March 2022

    Hello putincoin team. This is a catastrophe against which, unfortunately, no one is protected. I have a Folgory account that had 4.7 million coins in it and I couldn’t access it anymore. How can I join your lawsuit?.

  • reply
    17. March 2022

    Hi PUTinCoin team,

    Today Folgory removed my PUT wallet with my PUT Coins.
    So Folgory stole my PUT Coins.
    Folgory is not responding to my support ticket, I will sue Folgory for criminal prosecution.

    Best wishes

  • reply
    17. March 2022

    Hello Putincoin team
    I have more than 5 million putin coin in folgory exchange, now i can’t withdraw and my account was banned, my coins stolen by folgory 😭

  • reply
    22. March 2022

    is your telegram channel inactive?
    I am PUT holder and want to join but it says “this group is inaccessible”

  • reply
    30. March 2022

    I had 60k PUT on folgory exchange, they delisted the coin without warning and no trace of the coin in wallet. Normally you would expect a prior warning of delisting, then a ”suspended” notice under trading and opportunity to withdraw the coin for a period of time before delisting occurred, but the coin had suddenly disappeared from wallet. I sent the support ticket asking if they had delisted, asking why the PUT coin was no longer visible in wallet, giving them an address to send my PUT…the ticket was ignored. Now i see this post im sure Folgory has scammed us.

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