Blockchain technology is the most innovative invention of the 21st century. And PUTinCoin is using it!


Hundreds of nodes guarantee the decentralized stability of your PUTinCoins!


Blockchain transactions cannot be overwritten or faked. Therefore PUT-transactions are as safe as can be!

About us

PUTinCoin was created in 2017 to show the world, that the blockchain is connecting people, not seperating them!

The decision to develop a national fan coin was to promote economic and social relationships all over the world*.

With PUTinCoin a lot of possibilities will be provided for businesses, traders, private persons and social projects. PUTinCoin, future technology, services and apps are and will always be free to use!

*PUTinCoin is no official currency. It is a mere fan/meme coin and DOES NOT MAKE ANY POLITICAL STATEMENT!


Grow Your Capital Through Mining!

The really big advantage of PUTinCoin is, that everybody can mine new coins without the need of being crypto-professional or investing into expensive hardware. Just get your PUTinCoins on exchanges, download the staking wallet, PUT your PUT onto this wallet and start earning up to 25% interest per year!!


annual revenue






Q1 + Q2 2022
Developing mobile wallet and!
After having updated the infrastructure of PUTinCoin in 2021, the motto of Q1+Q2 2022 is: "Let PUTinCoin be used!" We will develop an own mobile wallet app, a PUTinCoin - fanstore and a payment interface for this shop.
Q3 2022
Publishing mobile wallet &!
The finished mobile wallet and the final, will both be published in Q3 2022. (Mobile Wallet for Android in first place, IOS will follow in 2023.)
Q4 2022
DeFi Token!
Until the end of 2022 PUTinCoin will get its own wrapped DeFi tokens for ETH and BNB chain to offer liquidity pools & trading on DEX.

The Community


PUTinCoin is a free, non-profit open-source project, which is open for everyone, who wants to use or support it.
The community is steadily growing and everybody is welcome to PUT IN his or her ideas and engagement.
The only requirements for taking part in the PUTinCoin community is to obey the only rule the coin is subject to:
“The basic idea to connect and support people and economies as well as providing useful services and applications for free!”

Within this basic idea there are a lot of creative possibilities for all community members, be it personal, marketing, fan-based, economic or technical concepts.

The PUTinCoin – Community


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