!!SCAM – WARNING!! – Telegram user “PUTincoiin”* (double “ii”) abuses PUTinCoin name and logo for promoting scams!!!

Dear PUTinCoin owners and fans!

We need to inform you that today we recognized that a Telegram user with the username “PUTincoiin”* (with double “ii” – that alone shows, that he’s a FAKER!), set up a Telegram channel, where he is trying to lure innocent PUTinCoin fans into his scams. And, as you can see how ROTTEN they are, they are even ABUSING THE NAME of a RESPECTABLE crypto blogger named “FURKAN | CoinCheck TV”.

When we started to write our warning report and mentioned “Furkan” there, those mean scammers first changed the image and then the name of the channel owner, as they get more and more afraid because we are tracking them down!!! – You can see the two image/name change steps below, which is an additional proof, that they are the meanest scammers, we’ve ever seen!! At this point, we want to thank our strong community, who are infiltrating their scam channel and is constantly posting infos to us and keeping us informed (as they did with this name change). Thank you guys, the team is proud of you!!!

Sou you see, that for their shameful activities they are NOT ONLY ABUSING our valuable name and logo in order to deceive PUTinCoin fans pretending they are official representatives of PUTinCoin, which is a ROTTEN LIE, they are also ABUSING the name of “Furkan CoinCheck TV”!! (At this point we want to say to Furkan, that we are really sorry, that these **%$%”@** [you know what we mean] are also abusing your valuable name.)

The only thing, which seems to be true, is the phone number they are using: +4915214046901 (see images below) We don’t know, if this is a real number, but maybe our community could flood them with calls, so that they become so afraid, they are closing their scam channel.

Below we PUT some screenshots of their malicious activities and postings and hereby WARN YOU: “PLEASE DON’T FALL FOR THEIR LIES!!, DO NOT INVEST IN THEIR SCAMS!!, DO NOT CONTACT THEM!! and (if you’ve already been added to his channel/group) LEAVE THEIR GROUP/CHANNEL AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!!!!!”

Remember, if you fall for one of their scams and lose money or PUTinCoins, we have warned you in advance, PUTinCoin cannot be held responsible in any way and won’t compensate any losses!!

Our TIP: !!IMMEDIATELY!! LEAVE the FAKE group and report it as a “SCAM” when doing so !!!

** We hope, that these guys will become wiser and close the channel and stop their activities. (If this happens or has already happened, they already showed some wisdom!) **

We love you all! Take care!
The PUTinCoin – Team

PS: And let this be a warning for all other guys, who try to abuse our valuable PUTinCoin: We will strictly pursue all of YOU!!!

* You will find the Telegram username “PUTincoiin” when you open the user’s profile. With normal name, of course, the scammer calls himself PUTinCoin. So PLEASE BE CAREFUL!!!


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